Saturday, February 1, 2014

Advancements in the First World Countries

                It’s very fascinating how most of the discoveries were made in those first world countries. Somehow, I felt glad for this kind of advancements however it made me realize how deprived some of the third world countries are.
                Mr. Andre David, a physicist, is very impressive, aside from he is a scientist and currently works in the CERN, his knowledge is a proof that those advancements were made by such people that are very curious of the world, mischievous to do such experiment and discoveries and very intelligent. As he talked about the Higgs boson last January 29 and that the inventions made by the science community and the Higgs boson that is discovered last July 2012 and made other discoveries possible and inventions are made. He stated that, discoveries enable invention that can become ubiquitous. Everything that we have now are inventions that are made because of the discoveries. And the ubiquity is the perceived value or efficiency for the people and for the society. I agree to him that to be able to make discoveries, societies must invest on diverse research. And I know, we have to be on our career and profession to be able to invent what’s useful, efficient and “marketable”. I think these considerations should be proven to have inventions and to be proven. Yes, there are still limitations of these inventions such as Large Hadron Collinder, CMS detector, HTTP, accelerators but the capabilities are exceptional. These made me totally accept how a scientist can change the world by just an invention.
                In addition, the progress-stepping through paradigms were efficiently made, discovered and nurtured on the first world countries, my question is why? Perhaps, their capability to do researches, experiments and to be able to this is to have technologies that need large amounts of money to facilitate. I think this is one of the disadvantages of the third world countries like the Philippines.
                Everything is possible, as long as Science and Technology is existing, everything can be invented by a critical and intelligent mind. Perhaps, discoveries today will be rare but still many inventions and upgrades are possible. But what are the hindrances that make Filipino inventors and their inventions lose their opportunity to credit their achievement? I think because of lack of budget and support of the government.

                I feel pity, not for our inventors because I know they achieved whatever they want to achieve and still inventing stuffs for the better future, I feel pity for our government and for our country. We cannot prove the political will of the government because as we can see, corruptions and exploitation of power reign. Yes, we have the budget that it is not used effectively, but rather used for their own sake, for profits and investment for ruling class. Is our country progressing in terms of advancements and technologies? I think, yes, if we talk about importation from other countries that are advanced enough and have the will to develop their economy and in terms of technologies. But how about our country? Are we contented of what we have? Of course no. Yes we have a lot of scientist up until today and they are doing their work for the sake of the people of our country and I am proud of them, and our government and those politicians, they should be ashamed of themselves if they will not be able to see these opportunities for Filipinos to achieved the rewards and title that Filipino scientists should have, for the sake of the people of our country.

Source Cited:
David, Andre. “The Higgs Boson We cannot Unsee”. STS Public Lecture. CS auditorium. UP            Diliman, Q.C. Wednesday, January 29, 2014. Lecture.

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