Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Largest PH solar power plant to rise in Palawan           

              There are many issues evolving and still existing issues about environment that are not solve and currently in process of finding solutions One of them is the necessity to find ways not to cause more pollution to our mother earth.
The solar power plant building in Palawan is indeed a great help. We need to find resources in nature without exploiting too much of it. And I think this project is a hell big help especially in Palawan. There will be no more power shortage and more provinces will have enough electricity for more work to done. If we look at the bright side of it, it will be a big help to Palawan as one of our tourist destination. No more foreigners will complain about no electricity. But my question is will it cost fairly to people? Especially it is a joint venture with a foreign investor; usually we have to pay for it for a higher price.

How was it made? Did it undergo the standard of building a structure like this? Are there no trees, plants or mountain destroyed when it was built? I hope so. Cause the purpose of this is to help solve nature problem and not to add more.

If only the government has the will to invest in these projects so it will be a big help to the lives of Filipino people. If only those who are in the positions to help will sincerely help and get their job well done, then Philippines will have a booming economy.
              I hope it will be indeed beneficial to the people of Palawan and also to our country.

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