Saturday, March 8, 2014

Tide-Powered Energy

Over the years, the search for renewable and sustainable energy has inspired many scientists, engineers and creative individuals to design and create better alternatives for our energy source. Recently, M3 Wave developed a device which can be moored to the ocean floor that harnesses the energy from tidal waves into electrical energy.As the waves continue to pass through and fro, it provides a sustainable and natural movement.

According to an article in, the device is designed to be powered by the pressure exerted by the waves, which forces air to travel to another chamber which has a bidirectional turbine, thus creating electrical energy. 
The great thing about this product is that it provides little carbon footprint and will not disrupt the natural marine ecosystem. Its also designed to be durable, so that it can survive even the harshness of the underwater environment. However, the system is still undergoing additional testing and will likely be available for public or private use in the near future.

M3 Wave's design
The possibilities that devices like this offer are great, especially for a country like ours. Given that the Philippines is an archipelago and is literally surrounded by water, having a device like this can really help our energy industry in providing sufficient electricity for everyone. It will also create a competitive energy industry, which may result in having cheaper energy prices. It can also be just the answer to our energy crises, like to other provinces that are suffering from rotating blackouts. 

Hopefully, new technologies and discoveries will usher a new wave of scientists that can turn to nature as inspiration and find better solutions.

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