Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Marine Conversations; Ms. Anna Oposa

           The forum I attended was Ms. Anna Oposa’s Marine Conversations. It was about her journey on how she became a chief mermaid of Save Philippine Seas. She explains that sometimes not everything you plan will be as it is.

              I may not be interested in her campaign, but as living thing in this earth, I support her. As she stated, the earth without art is just eh. Her concern in this earth must reach to everyone so that our world would be a better place in the future. We need to be aware that everything we do have an effect on each of everyone. Her journey from when she was a student up to now was really inspiring. It might be very different to mine as a UP student, but I learned that everything has a purpose. She was practicing to be the next Lea Salonga and her 4-year course was related to writing, yet her passion leads her to be the chief mermaid of Save Philippine Seas. Her interest in nature started when one he professor ask them to chose either to take finals or pick trash. Well, she chose to pick trash. Maybe it was one the moment that help her realize that she was meant to be a mermaid.
The thing I like most in her talk beside that she sang A Whole New World was her encouragement that every one of us must come out in our shell. We should be courage to do what we think is right and we should think creatively so it will benefit each one of us including mother earth. By the way, I also love her PowerPoint presentation, it was really nice and so many cute pictures that grab my attention.  

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